#Conf. Programs (on-site meeting):

September 18, 2021
            10:00-16:30 Conference Registration and check in

September 19, 2021
            09:00-09:10 Open Ceremony
            09:10-09:50 Keynote Speech (*30mins for presentation, 5 mins for discussion and 5 mins for Q&A)
            09:50-10:30 Keynote Speech
            10:30-10:50 Tea Break
            10:50-11:30 Keynote Speech
            11:30-12:10 Keynote Speech
            12:00-14:00 Lunch
            14:00-14:20 Invited Speech
            14:20-14:40 Invited Speech
            14:40-15:00 Invited Speech
            15:00 -15:30 Tea Break
            15:30-18:00 Oral presentation (*15mins for presentation and 5mins for Q&A)

September 20, 2021
            09:10-12:00 Oral presentation
            12:00-14:00 Lunch Time
            14:00-17:00 Poster presentation (*10mins for presentation and 5 mins for Q&A)

#Conf. Programs (virtual conference-TBA)

  • It will be updated if it would be held as a virtual conference, with the support of our dedicated online web platform. Authenticated access will be given to people who registered for BAISG 2021.
  • The conference program will be organized in two daily rounds to let many attendees from the different time zones enjoy live participation: for this reason, after a first daily round of the conference, a second round of the program will follow, with the repetition of contributions. Using the facilities provided on the BAISG2021 web platform, the attendees will be able to conveniently plan their participation in the conference sessions and events.
  • Although the main delivery method of presentations will be in a live format, all authors are required to provide a link to their pre-recorded presentation video as backups to be used in case of any connection failure. These videos will be hosted on the BAISG2021 web platform till mid-October.
  • The full agenda will be ready in August!
  • *The official Conference Schedule should rely on the issue by BAISG2021 Organization Committee if there is any change about the information.
  • *若有变动,将提前告知并以BAISG2021组委会发布的官方消息为准。