Each paper will be double-blindly reviewed by at three reviewers; this is a conference requirement as BAISG is a “Refereed Conference”. Please adhere to this requirement when you prepare for your paper. Double-blindly means that the author of a paper does not know the reviewers of his/her paper and reviewers do not know the authors of the papers they reviewed.

Submit ways:

  • 1. Submission via Email: BAISG2021@163.COM
  • 2. Online Submission.
  • Author Kit Document for Papers, Posters, and Student Research Abstracts in Word and PDF (TBD).
  • Camera-Ready Copy Templates for Papers and Posters in Word and PDF . Note: Full papers are limited to 16 pages with the option for up to 2 additional pages and Posters are limited to 6 pages with the option for up to 1 additional page.
  • Camera-Ready Copy Template for Research Abstracts (SRC) in Word and PDF (TBD). Note: Research Abstracts are limited to 4 pages in XXX format using the posted template, no additional pages.
  • Statement of BAISG2021

  • 1. The construction of the papers should be complete, includes title, authors’ information, abstract, keywords, introduction, body, conclusion and references mostly in late 5 years.
  • 2. The official language of the papers will be English, other languages are not acceptable even in Figures or Tables.
  • 3. Please provide reliable contact information in the email text, including address, telephone, email etc.
  • 4. The papers should be original, unpublished or not submitted for publication elsewhere. Plagiarized articles will not be considered and the consequences will be responsible to author themselves.
  • 5. The papers should be written in English, and not translated by translation software.
  • 6. The suggested length of the full papers will be 14 to 15 pages.
  • Springer_Guidelines_for_Authors_of_Proceedings.pdf